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What are Smart Locks?

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Smart locks are the latest advancement in home security and convenience. These locks use digital technology to allow homeowners to open and close their doors from anywhere in the world, using an app on their smartphone, tablet, or other device. Smart locks can be programmed to allow access to select people, eliminating the need for keys, and allowing for easy access for visitors, delivery personnel, and family members. Smart locks can be integrated with other home automation devices, allowing for home automation systems to be controlled from one central point. Smart locks are the perfect way to keep your home secure, while still allowing for convenience and peace of mind.

What are Smart Locks?

A smart lock is a type of electronic lock that controls access to a door by allowing people to unlock the door from a remote location. Smart locks may require a key to be physically inserted into the lock to be turned in order to open the door. Smart locks are also connected to home automation systems and can be controlled with voice commands or a smartphone app. Smart locks can be used as a standalone lock or as part of a smart lock system that integrates with home security systems.

Smart locks are ideal for households that have frequent comings and goings. They can be programmed to let specified people in without requiring them to carry around a physical key. They can also be programmed to lock the door behind them automatically when they leave.

Features and Benefits of Smart Locks

Smart locks are definitely easier to use, but they also provide additional features that a standard lock can’t offer. Some smart locks are connected to your phone and can be unlocked with a click. Others can be programmed to lock and unlock at specific times of the day. Some smart locks come with sensors that will alert you if they’ve been bumped into or if there’s someone outside your door. Other smart locks can be controlled with voice commands.

In addition to convenience, you can also significantly improve the security of your home with a smart lock. Many models come with emergency unlock codes that you can use if you’ve lost your phone or it’s out of battery. Other smart locks record who has entered and exited your home, which can be very useful if you’re trying to keep track of who was at your house when something was stolen.

What are the Types of Smart Locks

There are two main types of smart door locks: installed and portable.

An installed smart door lock is one that is permanently affixed to the door and cannot be removed.
The most common type of installed smart door lock is one that is affixed to the door with hardware, such as a deadbolt. A portable door lock is one that is not permanently affixed to the door and can be removed, such as a cable lock.

A little bit about Smart Lock Maintenance

Smart Lock is a great feature and can make your life easier, but it does require a little maintenance to keep it functioning optimally. This is especially true if you have a PIN code on your phone, as that requires you to manually enter it every time you turn on your phone. If you find that your phone doesn’t respond to your fingerprint, try rebooting your phone. If that doesn’t work, or you have a case that blocks the fingerprint sensor, you can always switch to a PIN code.

You might also want to reset your phone every once in a while to get rid of any background apps that might be sucking up your battery. Finally, if you have a Pixel, you can use a quick setting to reduce the amount of data the phone uses when it’s sleeping.

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